Water Privatization

“I use the water here for drinking, bathing and washing my clothes. My parents always get sick with diarrhea – I don’t know why – but they have to go to hospital. I’m not happy using this water. Some people use it like a toilet.”

-WaterAid/Jane Scobie-

Although water is one of the most taken for granted natural resources around the world, this is not the case in Africa. WHO announced that water scarcity problem is impacting nearly 300 million people in Africa and anticipates the statistics to increase over the decade with the rising population growth, climate change and underdevelopment and mismanagement of existing water supplies.

WHO announced that lack of safe water is a “silent humanitarian crisis” which kills some 3900 children every day in Africa alone.  However, African people are forced to use unsafe water because finding water source is a huge hassle. In Africa, people spend 40 billion hours every year just walking for water.

This water crisis may not only pertain to African continent in the near future. Global community is raising concern for the looming water crisis. UN expects global demand for fresh water to outstrip its supply and this will exacerbate the situations in communities already experiencing water stress; other countries are expected to join the list. Core countries are not excluded from the water crisis. Large parts of Europe are negatively affected by recurring droughts and many core countries are spending more water than could be replenished. With the growing shortage of water around the globe, there is heightening tension around access to water resources. Why is African water crisis a global issue? And how are various global actors reacting to the issue? My name is Marina Waters and I’m aiming to raise awareness and discuss current events surrounding water privatization issue in Africa through this blog.






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